Covid-19 Protection


Your Safety is our Priority

At Asham, we have taken the necessary measures to protect our guests and staff from COVID-19 early on. These measures include the following:

Guests are required to wash their hands and deep their feet into an alcohol-imbibed carpet at the entrance of the hotel. We also take the temperature of all those who enter the hotel.

Wearing mask in all public places is mandatory. For guests who forgot their masks, we will be happy to provide one.

Social distancing is encouraged. Our restaurants and conference halls furniture are arranged with 2-metre distancing in mind.

We have placed sanitizers at all public places. We regularly clean and sanitize high-touch areas including tables and chairs, doors and door knobs, bathroom equipment, handrails, etc.….

We pay extra attention to our kitchen and food preparation. The kitchen is regularly cleaned and sanitized, kitchen staff are required to wear masks and gloves at all times, and hand sanitizers are placed for the regular use of kitchen and restaurant staff.

We monitor the health of our staff to see if there are any signs of Covid infection. Any one with high temperature, coughing or other symptoms is immediately sent to a health facility.

We review our Covid-19 program every week and make adjustment as necessary. We also follow closely the government’s instructions to see if we need to modify or adjust our program.