African Dishes

African Dishes

admin admin December 5, 2019 Resort, Restaurant

Enjoy continental and African food at our restaurant which has a spectacular view of Lake Bishoftu.  On weekends we serve pizza and barbeque.  We can also cater for large groups with special requirement.  We are always seeking to improve the content and quality of our African dishes and encourage people to come and cook with us and teach us how to prepare their national dishes.

We offer a variety of African, international and Ethiopian Food. Our chef prepares the food with the best ingredients, freshly collected from our organic garden and the local market.

Our restaurant can seat 75 people and has a full service bar. The terrace looks over the lake and can accommodate over a hundred people.

We serve African dishes from different parts of the continent:  Ceebu Jen from Senegal, Pepper soup from Nigeria, Ndola from Cameroon and Ugali from Kenya, Mafe from Mali and Jollofrice from Gambia etc. And for those who are less adventurous, we have an open pizza oven and a continental cuisine. A dish for everyone’s test.

There is one more thing which makes the hospitality industry an exceptional industry. This industry is not run by money, people or organisations. This industry is run by the trust.